5 Ways to make Your Child’s Next Sleepover The Best One Yet!

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We are stopping in today to share a few tips on how to have the ultimate, best sleepover for your child’s next slumber party! 

Sleepovers can be stressful for parents… entertaining kids for a full 12+ hours (AHHHH) sounds a little terrifying at first. BUT we are here to help!!

Follow some of these fun tips to make the experience less stressful for you and an unforgettable night for the kids! 

Plan an easy dinner aka PIZZA! Because who doesn’t love pizza?! 

When planning your child’s sleepover  don’t spend hours prepping a meal kids aren’t going to even like. Pizza is the easiest choice out there! You can pick up a frozen pizza at the store or deliver it to your house (P.S. there are always pizza coupons out there!). Set out some paper plates and let the kids eat! No dishes, no fuss! 

Don’t forget to get your favorite pizza as well (Treat yo self moms!) 

Plan one big activity but don’t go crazy! 

Having something for the kids to do before winding down for the night is always a plus! 

If it is still hot out turn on the hose and sprinklers outside or grab some water bottles and let the kids run out some energy! 

(Check out these water balloons: Bunch o Balloons that are pre tied! You can pick them up at Target, Amazon, Walmart and Costco)

If it is a cooler day try making FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS! A perfect souvenir from a sleepover!! You can pick up kits off Amazon or purchase a variety colors of string and beads! 

Another simple activity would be bored games! Kids love games like Uno, Sorry and Kids Life! 

Keep the desserts light and refreshing!  

Desserts are awesome for a sleepover because they can serve as a craft too! 

An easy one would be to mix up some crystal light or kool aid and have the kids poor it into popsicle molders! You can prepare this before dinner and they can eat it after their craft! Bonus: add some fruit into the popsicle! 

If you are feeling more adventurous have the kids help you place already made cookie dough onto the pan! Super easy! Bonus: Buy the cookie dough you can eat safely for the kids to snack out while the cookies bake!

Now where do the kids sleep?! 

My suggestion for sleeping arrangements would be to make a huge bed on the floor with blankets, pillows, and even through some Christmas light up to make it extra cozy! 

The kids can help you set up this cozy spot in their room, living room or bonus room! 

This allows for the kids to sleep in the same room and no one will be fighting over the bed!

What if one of the kids get scared?

Kids do get afraid when they leave their home. It is scary! Before the kids go to bed show them where your room is and tell them the door will be open if they need to come get you in the middle of the night. This allows for a security blanket for the kids so if they wake up in the middle of the night there know where to turn! 

We hope this helps make yourchild’s next sleepover easy, fun and enjoyable for the both of you! 

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