Author: Jenna Gibbons

Jenna Gibbons

I am a native Michigander and Michigan State Alum with a degree in Elementary Education (Teaching English as a Second Language). I now reside in Mount Juliet on a small 6 acre farm with my husband, Sean, and two boys, Rowan (born in 2015) and Cullen (born in 2018). We have three horses and our sweet pup, Jolie. I taught English as a Second Language to K-3 grade students in Smyrna for eight years and then high school students at Wilson Central High. I am currently staying home with my boys, running a local non-profit horse rescue, teaching ESL through VIPKID, and tutoring at Lyttle Fox Therapy in Mount Juliet. I love to cook, read, travel, practice yoga, ride horses, attend local concerts, and spend time with family and friends. I also love to learn about the benefits of essential oils, healthy eating, and all natural products for our family!
reading with kids
Jenna Gibbons

The Joy and Power of Reading

Reading with kids is a big deal. But do you know HOW big of a deal? Here are some great ways to get some fun reading time in with your kids!

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