Author: Jenna Gibbons

Jenna Gibbons

I am a native Michigander and Michigan State Alum with a degree in Elementary Education (Teaching English as a Second Language). I now reside in Mount Juliet on a small 6 acre farm with my husband, Sean, and two boys, Rowan (born in 2015) and Cullen (born in 2018). We have three horses and our sweet pup, Jolie. I taught English as a Second Language to K-3 grade students in Smyrna for eight years and then high school students at Wilson Central High. I am currently staying home with my boys, running a local non-profit horse rescue, teaching ESL through VIPKID, and tutoring at Lyttle Fox Therapy in Mount Juliet. I love to cook, read, travel, practice yoga, ride horses, attend local concerts, and spend time with family and friends. I also love to learn about the benefits of essential oils, healthy eating, and all natural products for our family!